Simple, chic and playful books. Accessible to a wide audience.

Books designed with the utmost attention and care from design and editing to the choice of paper and effects.  

Books that allow a clear understanding of the artworks as well as the context that surrounds them. 

Easy and affordable books giving the reader the time to understand all the facets of the works of the artists. 

Books as a source of reference for the initiated and amateurs alike to discover the main players of chinese contemporary creation


This country is at the core of our changing world. Globalization is a daily reality experienced at every moment. Looking at China today, it is facing the world that surrounds us.

We believe deeply that China is experiencing a tremendous period of creativity that harks back to Paris in the 1920's or New York in the 1960's or at least how we imagined those times to be. We want to share this with you. 

From its history and its present, China opens a new perspective on modernity, a new space of thought between East and West. This is where a new culture is being invented, along with a new way of understanding the world. 

We want to show another China, a more creative one, a more innovative one and a freer, funnier one... 


We start our editorial journey with photography. This is because we believe it to be a medium with which everyone is familiar and that we understand to be more intuitive than traditional art forms.

Imaginary landscapes, over scaled works, trompe-l'oeuil, scenes with hundreds of extras... A generation of Chinese artists are proposing new visual forms to represent the world and produce images that surprise and delight us. 

Together, they reinvent a photograph that often rhyme with painting, sculpture, performance... to better transcend reality. 

Our interests go well beyond photography. At Thircuir we are already working on our next series and have a lot of other surprises in store! 




为了保证图书最大限度地呈献给读者,Thircuir与全球领先的发行公司合作,其中包括美国和加拿大的I.P.G. (美洲第二大发行公司),法国的Geodif/Sodis(法国第三大发行公司)、英国的Turnaround,并通过当地业务代表的网络覆盖尽量多的国家与地区。(点击获取发行机构名单)。